SmartAB: Smart Appointment Book

SmartAB is very simple yet smart way to manage your appointments. It is a powerful tool for professionals to whom time is more than Money.

SmartAB presents your appointments in a graphical format with a customizable calendar. It also provides various screens like Customer List, Appointment Registration, Appointment Details, Appointment History, Cash Book, Reference Register.

Auction Software

This software is designed to help the Sports (Players) Auction held for the League Matches. It consists of different screens for four entities : Projector 1, Projector 2, Auctioner and Operator.

On first Projector it shows the Player's Profile.
On second Projector it shows the Auction Statistics.
On Auctioners laptop it shows details of player, team & sponosrs.
On Operators laptop also it shows all the details. Operators job is to update the auction data/statistics.

Customised Softwares

We at Sa Software Solutions, have deep knowledge of various domain areas like ERP, Inventory Control, Billing / Invoicing, Accounting etc.

We provide low cost software solution for your business needs. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and we are bound to fulfil our customer needs. Our aim to provide highly minimized and robust software.

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